London 2012 Olympics: Taiwan – Report An Olympic Land

Milwaukee (Wisconsin), Kraenzlein was the Tokyo Olympics Live star in the Games of the Second Olympiad, trailed by Ray Ewry (3 golds), Margaret Ives Abbot (first female in US history to catch an Olympian title), and Irving Baxter (2 golds), among other high-profile competitors. Then again, Kraenzlein’s life has been a motivation to a few games individuals in Wisconsin and the States.

1904 St. Louis (MO) was the site for the Games of the Third Olympiad. Unequivocally, the 1904 Olympics were in the focal point of the consideration of the world press.

1904 In the Olympic plunging competition in Missouri, the Americans cleared the initial three positions.

1904 Pittsburgh-conceived sprinter James Lightbody was the champ of the men’s 800m and 1,500m- – He was the main male to win both these contests at a similar Olympics. Without further ado a while later, he took various other major athletic titles, remembering the Intercalated Games for Greece.

1904 The host nation’s group – comprised of four stars: Herman T. Glass, Edward Hennig, Anton Heida, George Eyser-asserted first in the acrobatic competition at the III Olympiad in St. Louis (MO).

1908 At the IV Summer Olympics in London (England), the US Olympic group was positioned second in the award check – 23 golds, 12 silvers, 12 bronzes-behind just Britain.

1908 With three successes (800m, 1500m and mixture hand-off), New Jersey’s sprinter Mel Sheppard had an extraordinary year in the Briton capital of London.

1912 Oklahoma-conceived Jim Thorpe won both the decathlon and pentathlon in the Summer Games at Stockholm, Sweden. Many years after the fact, numerous sportswriters and sports specialists chose Thorpe as both “the best football player and male competitor of the principal half of the twentieth Century”.

1912 With three gold awards in the shooting competition, New York City-conceived Alfred Lane turned into America’s best competitor at the V Summer Olympics on Scandinavian soil.

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