Sneaky Weight-Loss Tricks – Lose Weight With Delicious Foods

Sneaky Weight-Loss Tricks – Lose Weight With Delicious Foods

Did you know that by eating many delicious foods you may be avoiding the pile on extra calories, lose weight and still enjoy good food? The market currently has many weight loss products that promise the world and have you cutting out on some great foods that on the contrary are pretty low in calories.

Here are some of the delicious foods you can try in your attempt to lose weight menunalong

Food 1) Eggs
Over the past decade or so eggs have gotten a really bad name, however, they’re making a return as a good food to consider when losing weight. There are many studies that show eating eggs can boost your weight loss success. Eggs are jam-packed with protein and nutrients, and eating eggs can make you feel fuller for a longer period of time which makes you want to eat less (junk-foods) during the rest of the day.

If you want to get the best out of your eggs, it is smart to take out the egg yolk and frying only the egg white which contains all the proteins you will need. It is also advisable to use cooking spray or just a small bit of butter so you can cut down on the calories even more.

Food 2) Salad Dressing
Very few people have not tried to eat salads to lose weight. Eating salads the right way will always give you some amazing results in your weight loss quest. It all depends on how you prepare your salad and what type of dressings you use to spice it up.

Commercial dressings are a disaster, this is due to the fact that they contain sugar in them and have unhealthy fats which make it higher in calories. You can very easily make your very own salad dressing at home or if you want to buy dressing from a store you can make it healthier to use in your salad. Make sure that you don’t use more than one and a half tablespoon and mix that with another half spoon of extra virgin olive oil. And last, but not least, mix your dressing all over your salad before you put it on your plate.

Food 3) Whip Cream
I can already hear you think – WHAT? Yes, it all depends on how and with what you use whip cream. Many people for instance use whip cream when drinking latte coffee. But that is the biggest problem right there, latte coffee’s can have up to 2.000 calories depending on the size of your cup while the whip cream itself only contains 15 calories per serving. You can indulge yourself by using whip cream over the delicious fruits such as strawberries or put it on top of a healthy home-made smoothie.

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