Vera Wang Perfume – Liquid Art

An exceptionally rich, solid and charming, dull shading attar aroma, this Perfume Oil is extremely well known, really a unique, one drop goes PERFUMES .

13. Musk Amber 500 –

Musk Amber 500 is an exceptionally colorful and customary indian scent and one of the following best oils to Majmua. Musk Amber 500 is made basically the same as the manner in which Hina and Shamamtul Amber is made. This Fragrance is fairly solid with a pleasant Musk Oil foundation. It is a dull greenish shading and is basically the same as Habshoosh Musk however somewhat more extraordinary. This aroma is notable in India and all through the center east.

14. Sweet Jasmine –

Sweet Jasmine is a dull red, rose, flower scent, that is extremely famous in India. Sweet Jasmine is an exceptionally sweet, solid, captivating scent, that is to some degree mind blowing and profoundly remembered, it has similar qualities like other Natural Perfumes, for example, lavender and rose golden, yet significantly more grounded and better, this specific aroma is extremely charming, one drop goes far. Genuinely a masterpiece

15. Vanilla Musk –

Vanilla Musk is a delectable, gourmand, cotton treats, Perfume Oil. An exceptionally light fragrance that is extremely mainstream in India. Vanilla Musk has a portion of similar attributes as White Amber it is extremely delicate and exotic scent. This like other Vanilla Perfume oils can be utilized for Therapeutic and Aromatherapy purposes too. This is certainly a unique scent that will leave you needing more. This is outstanding amongst other fragrance oils on the site.

16. White Amber –

White Amber is a flawless clear, new, golden with light musky base note. White Amber is an exceptionally light and clean golden scent that will leave you pondering. This specific scent is extremely wonderful since an exceptionally light aroma can be worn without upsetting others. It has similar qualities as Vanilla Musk, however lighter. This scent is exceptionally mainstream in India and all throughout the planet, this is stand-out genuinely a masterpiece.

17. Jannatul Naeem 500-

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