Ways to Backup iPhone to Computer

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With the iPhone 4S on the market it’s only natural to question whether you should buy that or the older model iPhone 4. I didn’t have this option when I purchased the iPhone 4 because the 4S wasn’t out at the time, and by the time you purchase your iPhone there will probably be about 10 other newer versions out. Of course I’m kidding but apple do tend to release a new iPhone every year.

In this review I am going to be looking at the iPhone 4.

What’s in the box?

If you’re already a customer of Apple then you will know that most of their products come with the bare minimum, the iPhone is no exception. Inside the box you will receive:

The iPhone 4
USB Connector Cable
Power Adaptor
Mini Sim Card
Should you buy an iPhone 4?

The answer of this question ultimately comes down to your preference. Personally I haven’t yet tried the iPhone 4S so I can’t comment on how good that device is, however from looking at the phones specifications and user reviews for the extra money you would pay for the 4S I think personally I would prefer to save some money and stick with the iPhone 4.

Blackberry users thinking of making a switch should note that iPhone’s now come with something called iMessage, and basically it’s a free way of communicating with other iPhone users just like Blackberry messenger.

The iMessage feature really isn’t that big of a deal to me as my network provider already gives me unlimited texts in my price plan, but if you haven’t got unlimited texts and you have a lot of friends using an iPhone then this feature will save you a ton of money. iIMessage also allows you to send images to your friends free of charge.

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