What Should Businesses Know About Physical Security Assessments?

What Should Businesses Know About Physical Security Assessments?

The physical protection of industrial and commercial sites is a fundamental requirement in today’s world climate. Security measures monitor and control who has access to the premises and protects valuable equipment and facilities. An intrusion can cost a company thousands and even millions of dollars in equipment, resources, insurance costs and loss of reputation. An unauthorized intrusion can even result in deadly consequences. Businesses can’t afford not to have security measures in place.

A comprehensive Physical Security Assessment 驗身 is needed to identify potential physical security risks. All types of businesses, including banks, hospitals and retail stores could use an evaluation by that will pinpoint where problem areas are located that affects the safety of customers and employees, and areas on the premises that would facilitate thefts, vandals and intrusions.

Assessments should be conducted in accordance with CPTED (Crime Prevention through Environmental Design) standards. A Physical Security Assessment should examine key points that include aspects that most companies may never consider, such as risks surrounding CCTVs on the property and intrusive/panic alarms, as well as how to control access to sensitive areas, grounds and facilities.

risk framework should have the following key concepts


  • Establish Security Goals
  • Identify Assets, Systems, Networks, Functions
  • Assess Risk, Threats, Vulnerabilities, Consequences
  • Prioritize Assets at Risk
  • Implement Proactive Programs
  • Measure Effectiveness (If Possible)
  • Modify Program if Necessary


All current security practices should be identified to ensure the safety of personnel, prevent vandalism, and intrusion onto property and facilities. A company should review current security measures already in place, such as fences, security lighting and cameras. A professional assessment would consult with management to ascertain what they perceive as security concerns.

Today’s global social climate presents untold opportunities for those who would harm businesses and personnel. Intrusion into sensitive physical areas, as well as computer networks can cause significant physical and monetary damage. A proactive approach to physical security provides the risk identification to avoid such problems before they arise.

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